b'Adjustable Heel Liftsyou choose the height!SHOE INSERTSn Peel-apart layers for precise height adjustment 3 heights in 1Adjustable Heel Lifts Simply peel one or two layers at a time to adjust height precisely38 "to your patient. Set to38 ",14 ", or18 ". Durable1leather cover with three resilient18 " rubber layers 4 "are tapered for comfort. Layers are firmly held18 " Peel to adjust together by peel-apart adhesive. Use bilaterally for progressive treatment of plantar fasciitis or Achillesin secondstendonitis. Use with a post-op shoe to eliminate the pelvic obliquity caused from the difference in leg length. Not made with natural rubber latex.Sizing: S fits most Wmns shoe sizes; M fits larger Wmns and smaller Mens shoe sizes; L fits most Mens shoe sizes.#64444*6/kit, ONE SIZE$44.50 kit ($7.42 ea)HEEL LIFTS#6040512/kit, 4 EA SIZE $79.54 kit ($6.63 ea)*Specify size. One lift treats:California residents, see left page.Buy individually #60404HEEL LIFT$15.50 eaSpecify size. California residents, see left page. Leg length Pelvic obliquity Plantar fasciitis Achilles tendonitisn Contoured heel and arch support Achieves 1 2 1 21 2 " liftLeg-Length Lifts" lift compensates forSizing: S, Wmns 5-6; M, Wmns 7-11, Mens 6-10; /length discrepancies. Other lifts achieve onlyL, Wmns 12+, Mens 101 2 +.14 " or38 " lift and dont support the arch, putting SIZELEFTRIGHTdangerous pressure on metatarsal heads. Lifts support by approximating normal plantar contoursS#63354#63355of hind and midfoot. Use bilaterally for plantar heelM#63356#63357pain or Achilles tendon problems. Use on oppositeL#63358#63359leg to improve gait immediately following total hip$25.75 eareplacement. Flexible molded polyurethane. OneCalifornia residents, see left page.Left or Right per package. Black. FAX800.437.2966Easy leg-length evaluation.Five color-codedAdultfoam lifts for easy identificationofheight AliMed.com 800.225.26101"58 ""38 "14"n Color-coded lifts simplify heightadjustment Adjustable hook-and-loop Adjustable Height Shoe Lifts are used tostraps secure n Flexible rubber sole measure leg-length discrepancies. Use a varietyfootof thicknesses to obtain correct height. Adjustable Trial Elevation SandalsAccommodate uphook-and-loop straps secure foot to shoe lifts. to 1" total leg-length discrepancy. Lightweight,Five color-coded foam lifts (",38 ", ",58 ", 1") for flexible rubber sole, leather heel counter, andeasy identification of height. Black18 " top and " hook-and-loop ankle and instep straps.14 " thickbottom sole.Childsole with one14 " inlay and one12 " inlay included. #66249ADULT, 7 pcs, COMPLETE$150.75 set pedi#62477$87.25 ea #66250CHILD, 7 pcs, COMPLETE$145.75 set sizesCalifornia residents, see left page. California residents, see left page.17'