b'Shin and Calf SleevesPatellar Straps Shin and Calf SleevesGently compress the shin and rmly supportAntimicrobial treatment helps control odors*n KNEECALFlower leg muscles and soft tissue to stimulateJumper Knee Straps relieve patellar pain circulation, maintain warmth, and absorb shock. from frequent running and/or jumping. Helps n Warming compressionimprove patellar tracking by targeting pressure on the patellar tendon, just below the kneecap. Neoprene Shin Antibacterial treatment controls or eliminates Supports applyodor.* Fits left or right.compression and warmth Sizing: One size.to lower leg.Fits left or right. #66955$16.00 eaSizing: Measure calf circumference California residents, see left page.at largest part. S, 13"-14"; M, 14"-15"; L, 15"-17"; XL, 17"-19". *The antimicrobial treatment is intended to protect the brace against odor, staining and deterioration #66295$17.00 ea caused by bacteria and microorganisms. This treatment does not extend protection to the skin. Specify size. California residents, see left page.nCompresses below kneecap CIRC. BELOWSIZEPATELLABEIGEBLACK CALF SUPPORTSPATELLAR STRAPSn Nylon outer layer forOriginal Knee StrapsSymptomaticXSUNDER 10"#6513#64465relief for pain associated with patellofemoralS10"-12"#6515#64466durability syndrome, Osgood-Schlatters disease, andM12"-14"#6517#64467Deluxe Calf SupportsThermalother patellofemoral diagnoses. Not madeL14"-16"#6519#64468neoprene with nylon outer layerwith natural rubber latex. XLOVER 16"#6521#64469protects and supports lower leg. Black (not shown) or Beige $22.00 ea Fits left or right. Sizing: Measure circumference just below kneecap. California residents, see left page.Sizing: Measure largest circumferenceof calf.S, 12"-14"; M, 14"-15"; L, 15"-17"; XL, 17-20".#63221$18.28 eaSpecify size. California residents, see left page. n Four pressure points stimulate tendonGenuPoint Knee Straps relieve patellarSizing: Measure loose circumferencetendon strain, help alleviate anterior pain, andimmediately below kneecap.promote mobility. Strap sits directly belowSize 1, 11"-1134"; Size 2, 1134"1334";n Breathable kneecap, exerting targeted pressure on patellarSize 3, 1334"-1714".performance fabric tendon to relieve strain at insertion point.#67052$35.00 eaFour pressure points on interior viscoelastic Graduated Compression CalfSpecify size and Black or Titanium. SleevesPerformance Durable,pad provide pain relief and stimulate tendon.California residents, see left page.Soft knitted elastic fabric for secure fit and breathable fabric with UPF 50+easy movement. VELCRO-brand closures for protection. Compression level 20-30adjustable compression.mmHg. Antimicrobial.*Sizing: Measure calf circumference at widest point. XS, 9"-11"; S, 11"-13"; M, 13"-15"; L, 15"-17";n Dynamic force above IT band and below kneecapFAX800.437.2966XL, 17"-19"; XXL, 19"-21". Dual-Action Knee Straps apply pressureSizing: Measure circumference at mid-kneecap. #66885$38.75 ea to tendons above and below kneecap, reducingS, 10"-14"; M, 14"-16"; L, 16"-18"; XL, 18"-20". Specify size. California residents, see left page. forces of quadriceps tendons and erosion of#62983S#62985L*The antimicrobial treatment is intended to protect thekneecap under the surface. Reduces develop-#62984M#62990XLgarment and does not extend protection to the skin. ment of iliotibial band and overuse syndromes.$32.25 eaCalifornia residents, see left page. AliMed.com 800.225.2610n Kinesiology#62986XS#62991XLn Allows full mobility #62987S#62992XXLand compression #62988M #629933XLin one sleeve Counter Force Knee Wraps help reduce#62989L$40.00 eapain of patellar tendonitis, subluxation, and Spark Kinetic Calf Sleevessome forms of kneecap degeneration. TheySizing: Measure circumference 1" above combine the benefits of kinesiologyallow user full mobility. Patellar straps allowknee. XS, 12"-13"; S, 13"-14"; M, 14"-tape with compression in an static stabilization of patella via application of15"; L, 15"-16"; XL, 16"-17"; XXL, easy-to-use, comfortable sleeve.pressure to patellar tendon.17"-18"; 3XL, 18"-19". Intuitive to put on and leaves noCalifornia residents, see left page.sticky residue when removed.Grip-track banding keeps sleeve from sliding while moisture-wicking material keeps skin cool. n Constant compressionSizing: Measure circumference at largest part of calf. Knee StrapsTubular buttress withinSizing: With leg bent just less than 45o; S, 12"-14"; M, 14"-16", L, 16"-18". neoprene strap applies constant compressionmeasure knee circumference directly #67123$26.00 ea at patellar tendon. Great for jumpers knee,over the patella. Fits 13"-16". runners knee, and Osgood-Schlatters disease.#63223$21.00 eaSpecify size. California residents, see left page. Hook-and-loop closure. California residents, see left page. 71'