b'Stirrup Ankle Braces nOver lapping aircells Choose T-Foam , Gel/Air, or All-Air LinerANKLE BRACESAir-Stirrup Ankle BracesAnatomically designed shells incorporate two preinflated,overlapping aircells that support and produce graduated compression during ambulation. Standard and Training models include patient guide. Pediatric model fits children 2-6 years old and is ideal for treatingT-Foam Liner Gel/Air Lineracute and chronicpedi All-Air Linerankle instability.sizes STANDARD (10 12 "H) Ankle BracesAnatomically #62133RIGHT$55.25 ea shaped shell attaches and removes #62132LEFT$55.25 ea in seconds with included hook-STIRRUPand-loop straps. Fits in sport orTRAINING (9"H) dress shoes. Three available liners: #62134RIGHT$55.25 ea cloth-laminated, breathable T-Foam liner #62135LEFT$55.25 ea molds precisely to wearer and offers maximum#62837T-FOAM$25.75 eacushioned comfort; Gel/Air combination liner#62849GEL/AIR$25.75 ea PEDIATRIC (6"H) conforms best to reduce edema; and All-Air#63137ALL-AIR $26.00 ea#63198*PEDI$55.25 ea liner offers secure-yet-lightweight support. FitsAdditional shipping charges may apply. *Specify Left or Right.most adults. Fits left or right. California residents, see left page.California residents, see left page.n I nflatable arch n 60 ankle AirLift PTTD BracesstabilizersChill Geltreat posterior tibial tendonprevent rollover Paddysfunction (PTTD) or early signsA60 Ankleand symptoms of adult-acquiredStabilizersBilateral 60 flat foot. Inflatable aircellankle stabilizers guard against under arch adjusts withankle sprains and prevent rollover.n Delivers cryotherapyincluded hand bulb.Breathable fabric keeps wearer coolGel Ankle BracesRemovable gel pads protect Bilateral, semirigidand dry. Applied with a single strap that securelymalleoli and can be chilled for cold therapy. Lace-shells for ankle support and stabilization. Rearholds brace. lock secures brace in shoe and adds stability. entry and simple two-strap application. Sizing: S, Wmns up to 81 2 , Mens up to 7; M, Wmns 9-13,Hook-and-loop closure. Sizing: S, Wmns up to 81 2 , Mens up to 7; M, WmnsMens 71 2 -111 2 ; L, Wmns 131 2 +, Mens 12+.9-121 2 , Mens 71 2 -11; L, Wmns 13+, Mens 111 2 +. Sizing: One size fits most. #64971$69.75 ea #64916$67.50 ea#6969LEFT$46.00 eaFAX800.437.2966Specify size and Left or Right.Specify size and Left or Right.#6968RIGHT$46.00 eaCalifornia residents, see left page.California residents, see left page. California residents, see left page.pedin Wear with or PDAC n Inflatable air sizes AliMed.com 800.225.2610without a shoe APPROVED cushions adjust to n Adjustable pneumatic MalleoLoc Ankledegree of swelling compressionBracesSelf-shapingAirLoc StabilizingAirForm Universal Inflatable orthosis cushions andAnkle Braces secureAnkle Stirrup BracesSoft protects against lateralankle, particularly outerFlex-Edges provide universal fit twisting. ProprioPoint stimulates musculaturecapsular ligaments, andwithout sacrificing comfort or and reinforces stabilizing and mobilizing effectsprevent foot from twisting.stability. Inflatable air bladders of orthosis. Clip mechanism of VELCRO-brandFlexible anatomically contoured shell includesallow adjustable pneumatic strap system reinforces tensile force. Wear with orinflatable air cushions for adaptation to degree ofcompression. Adjustable heel strap allows easy without a shoe.swelling. Four individually adjustable VELCRO- width adjustment. Fits left or right.Sizing: Heel width: Size 1 less than 23 4 "; Size 2 greaterbrand straps secure shell. Elastic shell connectorSizing: Adult size fits most. Youth/Pony fits juniors and than 23 4 ". adapts to foot width and swelling. One size. smaller women.#66444$86.75 ea #67055$45.00 ea #66060ADULT$30.75 eaSpecify size and Left or Right.Specify Left or Right.#66061YOUTH/PONY$39.05 eaCalifornia residents, see left page.California residents, see left page.California residents, see left page.Suggested code: L4350MORE ANKLE BRACESPP. 60, 61 59'