Supine Positioning

Positioning the Patient: Patient is positioned on their back with head elevated to align with the spine. Arms are tucked or secured at patient’s sides with palms facing in or extended on armboards with palms up. Knees are flexed slightly, hips are parallel, legs are straight, and ankles are uncrossed.
Pressure Concerns: 
Occiput, scapulae, thoracic vertebrae, olecranon processes, sacrum, coccyx, ischial tuberosities, popliteal area, calcaneum
Common Surgical Procedures: Head, neck, abdominal, extremities, and most minimally invasive surgeries

AliBlue Donut
arm cradle
VeriClean Table Strap
Side rail mounted mayo stand
AliBlue Torso Surface Overlay
AliBlue Ulnar nerve protector
AliBlue armboard pad
A-line support splint
AliBlue dome positioner
AliBlue heel cups
Magnetic Instrument Pad

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