Frequently Asked Questions About Made to Order Products

Are Made to Order products returnable?

Made to Order products are not returnable. AliMed guarantees Made to Order products will be made to your specifications.

How do I change my quote to an order?

When you are ready to order, please email a copy of your quote with your Purchase Order to: (you may also fax, however, this may take longer to process). An order confirmation will be sent once the order is processed.

How long will it take to receive my order?

Lead times vary from 2-4 weeks depending upon quantity and complexity and will be determined at time of order.

What are the different types of material options?

Information on the different types of materials is found in each made to order quote form, outlining product features assisting you in material selection.

Can I reorder a made to order product that was purchased in the past?

Yes. All quotes expire 60 days from date of quote. After 60 days, a new quote must be generated before an order can be placed.

Can I change specifications of a product after I have received a quote?

Yes. A new quote will be provided with the revised specifications before an order can be placed. A new request form may also be required.

Are there discounts for quantity orders?

Yes! Please specify the desired quantity on your completed quote request form.

What is the made to order product process?

Additional Information on AliMed's Made to Order Products:

  • Quotes are valid for 30 days from the date of the quote—please see the expiration date on the top right corner of the quote.
  • Please note, made to order products are non-returnable.
  • AliMed guarantees the made to order products will be made to your specifications.
  • Check out additional AliMed Made to Order Products Offerings.
  • Not all made to order products are available online. Email or call 800.225.2610 to find out about our made to order wheelchair cushions, wheelchair back supports, replacement cushion covers, or replacement cushion toppers.