• Post-Intubation Therapy Products

Speech and Language

Empower pathologists with the right tools

AliMed offers a complete line of speech therapy and assessment materials for the speech-language pathologist and therapist working in either a clinical or private practice. Our speech and language solutions are for both adult and pediatric clients.

Telepractice resources for the new normal

The prevalence of remote practice is increasing, and AliMed has the materials to help therapists continue client progress at home. Stimulus exercises with hundreds of large-print pages can be shown on-screen or given remotely, and brain games can engage multiple modalities from the comfort of one’s home.

The road to recovery with post-intubation therapy

Rebuilding speech, breathing, and speaking capacities after intubation is a multi-faceted effort, and we have a variety of tools to help clients work towards an improved quality of life throughout the transition of relying on mechanical ventilation to progressing towards an autonomous lifestyle.