Safe Patient Handling and Transfer

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Protect your staff, your patients, and your bottom line

Providing your staff with proper tools is essential to encourage compliance for safe patient handling—investment in appropriate equipment can help reduce the risk of injuries to both patients and staff while decreasing costs associated with worker compensation claims, downtime, and turnover.

AliMed offers a wide selection of safe patient handling and transfer solutions, including a range of Patient Shifters from standard size boards to Bariatric models for your largest patients and Half Shifters for your smaller, pediatric patients. For infection control, no-lift Rollboards are antimicrobial-treated and our complete line of launderable, wipeable, disposable, and antimicrobial Gait Belts aid with ambulation while helping to reduce cross-contamination. Patient Lifts further reduce staff injuries that can occur with manual lifting and require fewer personnel and less time to operate.