• Diabetic Foot Care Solutions

Diabetic Foot Care Solutions

Protecting the Diabetic Foot

Regularly scheduled doctor visits along with proper home management can go a long way in helping to prevent complications for patients with diabetic foot conditions. However, if left untreated or unnoticed, serious problems such as infections or ulcerations can manifest quickly as wounds, cuts, or other skin injuries may be slow to heal.

Prevention starts with screening tools such as AliMed’s Disposable Monofilaments, which can help with early detection of sensory loss or neuropathy, while Skin Inspection Mirrors aid with routine inspections, helping to head off potential issues before they become serious.

For easing pain and discomfort in neuropathic feet, AliMed’s Duo/Laminate D-Soles™, FREEDOM® Trilaminate 1, and FREEDOM® Full-Contact Insoles provide maximum cushioning and pressure redistribution for sensitive areas. Diabetic Socks with gel cushioning offer added comfort and support, helping to reduce friction and prevent ulcerations while Diabetic Shoes limit stress where the foot is most susceptible to pain for comfort, stability, and added protection.

Diabetic Walker Boots and Wound Care and Offloading Shoes, such as AliMed's new Open Heel and Open Forefoot Orthoses, can help reduce foot pressure in areas such as the forefoot, midfoot, or heel to provide targeted offloading when wounds or ulcerations are present. Orthopedic Supports and Braces can aid diabetic patients with footdrop, providing solutions for those who cannot tolerate in-shoe devices.

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