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COVID-19 Vaccination Readiness—Prepare your clinic now

Ensure your facility has the necessary accessories for COVID-19 vaccinations from sharps safety and PPE to clinical furnishings and wound care.

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Infection Control—Reducing the risk of infection

As infection control needs continue to evolve with the ongoing threat of flu, MRSA, norovirus, COVID-19, and other harmful pathogens, your facility must be prepared to not only fight today's infectious diseases, but whatever comes next.

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Telepractice—The new normal

Growing demand for telepractice requires speech pathologists to have the right tools for remote practice, ensuring clients are able to effectively participate from home.

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Post-intubation Therapy—Transitioning to recovery

Post-intubation therapy is vital in the recovery process as clients transition from relying on mechanical ventilators to rebuilding their strength in breathing, swallowing, and speaking.

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Reducing weight-dosing medication errors

Most medication doses are typically dispensed in metric measurements. Calculating a dose from a weight reported in pounds can potentially lead to treatment or conversion errors.

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Prone positioning for ARDS management

Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) is one complication from COVID-19 that requires providers to broach patient care from all possible angles ranging from low-tech to advanced machinery. The prone position is the first and most manageable manner of approaching ARDS.

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A Message from
Adam Epstein, CEO

From the beginning, AliMed has worked diligently to help our customers manage the challenges of COVID-19, providing much-needed resources and inventory updates on critical healthcare products you need to ensure staff safety and care for your patients.

As part of that ongoing effort, we have developed a comprehensive online listing of resources so it's even easier to find and access important product updates and information as they become available.

For 50 years, our mission has been “people helping people.” That hasn't changed. AliMed remains committed to helping our channel partners, our customers, and their patients as we continue to navigate COVID-19 as it evolves and move forward…together in pursuit of new solutions.