Heel Protection


AliMed Heel Protection Products

Manage all patient needs, regardless of risk level

An excess of $25 billion is spent annually on treatment of chronic wounds.1 Heel pressure wounds account for over 30% of this—that’s over $7.5 billion!

AliMed understands the day-to-day challenges you face and how critical it is to manage heel protection. Based on feedback of valued customers, our engineers developed effective solutions to help address your biggest challenges—footdrop prevention, product cost, compliance, care and cleaning, and risk of secondary injury.

AliMed Heel Protection Products offer quality solutions for every budget with both premium and value options—from hard-shell Wound Care & Contracture Boots to soft, protective Skin Sleeves & Pads. In addition to our own trusted brand, we also sell a selection of recognized brands for your convenience.

For managing footdrop prevention and cross-legged injury concerns, AliMed provides two premium, skin-safe Wound Care & Contracture Boots: MultiBoot™ X-Cel featuring a shell with all smooth edges and the MultiBoot™ Xtra with a fully padded shell, inside and out. When budget constraints present a challenge, AliMed offers the affordable MultiBoot™ Standard.

Our expansive line of Soft Heel Suspension Boots, including AliMed’s Heel-Up Foot Positioner or Air Boot, combines footdrop prevention with premium heel protection. Many accommodate basic needs for daily care, like low-friction exteriors for ease of bed mobility and wipe-clean surfaces for convenience.

When heat buildup and poor compliance are an issue, consider a Heel Suspension Positioner such as AliMed’s Foot Stabilizer or Heel Protector for increased airflow and easy access for skin inspection and dressing change. When prevention is the goal, depend on our Heel Pillows and Skin Sleeves & Pads to meet your needs, including AliMed FootPillows and Heel and Elbow Protectors.

Trust AliMed to be your source for ALL your heel protection needs.


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