AliMed® MultiBoot™ Standard

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Product Highlights

  • The affordable contracture and wound care boot
  • Provides maximum heel pressure relief with the added benefit of footdrop protection
  • Semi-flexible shell is sturdy enough to protect against footdrop yet allows enough flex for limited ambulation

Product Details

More About This Product

AliMed MultiBoot™ Standard is an affordable contracture and wound care boot that provides maximum heel pressure relief with the added benefit of footdrop protection. The semirigid Kydex® plastic shell is sturdy enough to protect against footdrop yet allows enough flex for limited ambulation (with outsole in place)—even for those with lower extremity weakness. The fully aerated heel aids in wound healing and can accommodate dressings. Anti-rotation bar helps limit unwanted rotation of the hip. Toe plate keeps bedding off the toes, reducing the risk of skin breakdown or contracture. Airy, padded, and fully washable synthetic fleece liner attaches securely to the MultiBoot’s backbone, swaddling the foot in soft fleece while improving patient comfort and compliance. Fits left or right. Kit includes toe plate cover and outsole.

Sizing: Measure length of foot from bottom of heel to top of big toe.
Small fits up to Women's 8
Medium/Large fits Women's 8-1/2 to 11, Men's 7 to 10-1/2
X-Large fits Men's 11


The AliMed® MultiBoot™ Family

The MultiBoot family of podus-type boots offers a range of special features that help prevent footdrop contracture. The fully suspended heel design and comfort-quality construction provide pressure relief to aid in wound prevention and healing. Choose the MultiBoot that fits your patients’ needs.

MultiBoot X-Cel™ is best when limited ambulation is expected. The easy-on, easy-off outsole is secure and resists unstable twisting. The synthetic fleece liner is generously cut to offer comfort as well as maximum foot and ankle coverage and protection. Use this boot if balance and stability are a concern. Also available with a Genuine Wool Liner.

MultiBoot Xtra™ with fully covered plastic shell and padded spine holds foot in neutral to prevent footdrop while providing pressure relief and minimizing risk of cross-legged injury. Breathable, moisture-wicking liner keeps fragile skin cool and dry, reducing skin breakdown while additional calf padding safeguards the fragile Achilles region and fully suspends heel for optimal airflow, wound healing, and pressure relief.

MultiBoot Standard offers the essentials to meet your needs at an economical price. The standard model includes our secure semirigid plastic shell, offering excellent protection from footdrop contracture and full heel suspension. The laminated, washable synthetic fleece liner offers comfortable padded protection. Optional toe plate cover and ambulation outsole are available to complete this budget-friendly option.

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