Choosing a Cushion

AliMed offers an unbeatable selection of Wheelchair Cushions that incorporate all of the high-quality features, materials, construction, and sizes to fit your needs.

Choose from a variety of styles—including foam, gel-topped, and air-filled—each uniquely designed to maximize pressure distribution for both short- and long-term patient seating.

Foam wheelchair cushions offer cushioning comfort and pressure relief. “Slow Recovery” T-Foam™ (Tempur Foam) options are best for optimal pressure redistribution, as T-Foam retains its compressed shape, allowing weight-bearing tissue to recover while air circulates through the material to prevent heat buildup. Sculpted or wedge-shaped foam cushions combine postural support with pressure redistribution.

Gel options maximize shear reduction and tissue-trauma protection, minimize heat, and improve sitting tolerance. T-Gel™ cushions mimic fatty tissue and move with the skin to minimize skin-shearing. Gel can be combined with foam or air to maximize the benefits of shear reduction with pressure relief and postural support.

Air Cell cushions help protect patients from pressure injuries, providing flotation and exceptional pressure redistribution for those with fragile skin.

Individual Cell cushions in foam, gel, or air-filled models offer uniform pressure distribution, with the cells acting as springs, adjusting to anatomical contours and shifting independently as the user moves to reduce friction against fragile skin.

Positioning or specialized cushions

Solid Seat Inserts, wedge and pommel constructions, sacral relief cutouts, amputee limb supports, anti-thrust or anti-slump features, and hip recovery modifications are built into many cushions to provide perfect off-the-shelf solutions to each of your patient’s unique positioning needs.