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Shop our New! Surgical Patient Positioning eCatalog for a wide range of reusable and disposable positioners to meet any protocol. See our full selection of eCatalogs for the same comparison-style catalog shopping you love, but with the ease of online ordering. 

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Positioning your patients for positive outcomes

For over 50 years, AliMed has been an industry leader in developing and delivering positioning solutions that improve patient outcomes, offering unique and innovative gel and foam products engineered to redistribute pressure, maximize stability, reduce shear, and improve imaging visualization.


Our New! AliBlue™ Gel Positioners offer the same pressure-relieving properties as our industry standard AliGel™ Positioners at a more economical price point. Both are made of 100% gel. For a lighter alternative, AliLite™ Positioners are up to 50% lighter than comparable gel-only positioners, allowing for easier handling and fewer staff injuries.


Our award-winning foam InvisiCoat® Positioners with unique curved edges reduce artifacts and costly retakes during imaging procedures and are seamless, fluid-proof, and antimicrobial. For greater infection control in the Operating Room, our antimicrobial Protecta-Coat™ Positioners are also fluid-proof and seamless for easy cleanup and faster room turnover. See our full selection of Reusable and Disposable Foam Positioners to support any protocol.  


We offer a wide range of Sandbags, Beanbags, and other specialty positioners to fit any patient need. Looking for something specific? With our customization capabilities we can create made-to-order positioners that meet your specifications. Visit for details. For more on patient positioning for any procedure – including supine, prone, lateral, Trendelenburg and more – view our comprehensive Positioning Guide.