Protecta-Coat™ Positioners

AliMed® Protecta-Coat™ offers medical foam wedges for a variety of uses. Support cranium and neck with head positioners and lower back and extremities with lateral leg positioning wedges. All products, like x-ray positioning sponges, are fluid proof, antimicrobial, and easy to clean. Keep patient comfortable with equal weight and pressure distribution. Radiolucent qualities ensure clear x-rays.


Antimicrobial, Fluid-Proof Positioners

AliMed® Protecta-Coat positioners feature a protective vinyl coating that is seamless, impervious to fluids, and impregnated with ionic silver. Recommended for use in O.R., MRI, and radiology. The protective vinyl coating offers long-lasting durability and is radiolucent above 60 kVp*. Available in convenient sets.

Easy to clean

Impervious to Fluids


Contains Ionic Silver

Flame Retardant CAL 117-Compliant

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