AliMed® Protecta-Coat™ Head Donuts

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AliMed® Protecta-Coat™ Head Donuts
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  • AliMed® Protecta-Coat™ Head Donuts
  • AliMed® Protecta-Coat™ Head Donuts
  • AliMed® Protecta-Coat™ Head Donuts
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  • Seamless, waterproof head donut
  • Contain antimicrobial protection

MR Safe

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AliMed® Protecta-Coat™ Head Donuts protect the head, neck, and ears, and offload pressure from occipital protuberance to protect the patient from pressure injuries and possible alopecia. This memory foam donut cushion is recommended for use during supine, lithotomy, Fowler’s, Trendelenburg, and Reverse Trendelenburg. Also use this x-ray sponge for positioning to protect knees in prone. Pack of 6.

Small: 1-1/2"H x 6" diameter
Large: 1-1/2"H x 9" diameter

Caution: Procedures at less than 60vKp may produce slightly visible lines on edges of radiographic positioning sponges. Always position the patient so the edge of the block will not be in the image field of concern. When tested at low attenuation of 80kVp, results indicate an aluminum equivalency of 1%.

Not for use or sale in the EU.

AliMed® Protecta-Coat™ Fluid Proof Foam Donuts feature a protective bonded vinyl coating that is seamless, impervious to fluids, and impregnated with ionic silver for antimicrobial protection. The nonslip, wipeable coating offers long-lasting durability and is radiolucent above 60kVp. Recommended for use in O.R., Radiology, and as an MRI positioning sponge.

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