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Shape Options

Positioners are available in the following shapes:
Specialized shapes are also available based on your designs and specifications.
** Available in Polyfoam or High Density Polyfoam only. Uncovered and upholstered cylinders available in 4.5 inch, 6 inch and 10 inch diameters and up to 24 inches long. High density discs in 4.5 inch, 6 inch and 10 inch diameters; Upholstered polyfoam discs in any diameter. Protecta-Coat cylinders and discs available in diameters between 2 and 10”, in half inch increments up to 30” inches long.

Foam Options

Polyfoam Compares to a standard furniture seat cushion with moderate compression.
High Density Polyfoam Dense & firm foam with minimal compression. This is the standard foam used for most medical positioners.
T-foam Lightweight, rigid, closed-cell polyethylene based foam designed to be simultaneously firm, supportive, and resilient. Virtually no compression, only used in short procedures.

Cover/Coating Options

Uncovered Disposable, not recommended for re-use.
Upholstered Black Conductive Vinyl
Conductive vinyl is slip-resistant, durable, water-resistant and bacteriostatic. This covering is typically used to cover polyfoam pads such as surgical positioners.
Blue Vinyl
Standard for radiography, it is non-allergenic, water resistant, bacteria/fungal resistant with a malodor protection.
Coated Antimicrobial Protectacoat
Waterproof vinyl coating that is slip resistant, durable with improved elasticity. it is radiolucent and seamless. Infused with antimicrobial Silver Agion for the life of the product. Available in Black, Royal Blue, or Yellow.
Reliable Standard Protectacoat
Same as Antimicrobial but with no Silver Agion

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