Sandbag Positioners: Custom Made

Step 1 - Enter quantity

If you require multiple sizes/styles of sandbags, please complete an additional form for each.

Step 2 - Select style *

Envelope Style - Narrow at the ends and thicker in the middle.

Box Style - Has an even thickness throughout with squared edge. Does not accommodate grommets or handles.

Grommets and Handles are only available on envelope style sandbags for hanging or traction. Handles are located along the short side of sandbag.

Step 3 - Measure

Tell us the dimensions you require based on the diagram above.

*Thickness (Box Style only)

(enter dimensions in inches)

Step 4 - Select fill material

  • Silica / MRI Safe Sand
    100% non-magnetic silica sand, comparable to beach sand.

  • AliSand Pellets
    Made of plastic beads that mold like sand but weigh significantly less. Use with a larger sandbag to obtain minimum weight. MRI Safe.

  • Lead Shot
    Heavier than standard sand to make a smaller sandbag heavy. Not radiolucent or MRI safe.

Step 5 - Choose cover type

  • Black Conductive Vinyl
    Conductive vinyl, slip resistant, durable, smooth sewn seams are not radiolucent but are located on pad edges.

  • Naugahyde
    Extremely durable, yet soft cover. Slip-resistant, textured, and wipeable. Double-wall construction to prevent leakage. Available in Black and Navy Blue. *Sewn seams are not radiolucent, but are located on the edges of the sandbag.

Step 6 - Select density *

Step 7 - Enter contact information