Fall Management

AliMed ONE Wireless Alarm System

AliMed ONE® Wireless Fall Monitoring System with EZPair™ technology has no messy wires or cords to manage, reducing trip hazards and allowing for faster room setup. The system operates from a single central Alarm Base and pairs with up to six compatible wireless monitoring devices plus a Hall Alert with audible and visual hallway prompts for quicker staff responsiveness. Conveniently reset the system directly from the hall to reduce in-room alarm noise and patient stress. Wireless components include pressure-sensitive Bed, Chair, or Toilet Sensor Pads that connect to the Alarm Base via a reusable Sensor Pad Transmitter and a wall-mountable Motion Sensor for added protection against wandering (all sold separately).

Traditional Fall Alarms and Sensors
Simple, easy-to-use, and full-featured corded and cordless alarms work in tandem with a range of compatible sensor options, including sensor pads, belts, cushions, and mats, to promptly alert caregivers when a patient tries to exit a bed, chair, or room.

Injury Prevention and Fall-Risk Identification
Wearable personal devices can help prevent slipping and protect vital body parts, such as head and hips, from serious injury. Fall-risk identifiers, including slip-resistant socks and slippers or tamper-resistant bracelets, help staff easily recognize patients at a greater risk of falling.

Patient Room Safety
Environmental devices protect patients against falls and prevent tripping, wandering, and other injuries in patient rooms.