Never Events

Never Events - clinical and surgical patient events that should never occur. Infections, pressure ulcers, patient falls and patient elopement and wandering are examples of highly visible Never Events and investing in the right tools, solutions and procedures is key to preventing these Never Events.

Never Events are no longer being reimbursed by CMS (Medicare) or many other carriers and payers. Most significantly, facilities are responsible for rendering care to impacted patients and will carry the cost of that care. Never Events also impact far more than costs because of their newsworthiness and affect on facility quality. All of this can rapidly change some profitable facilities into deficit operations. Proper investments in preventing Never Events can pay off multiple times over by reducing the cost of non-reimbursable additional care; avoiding liability; and attracting more patients with a reputation for quality. AliMed can help you win the battle against Never Events with a wide selection of infection control products; fall management alarms and accessoriespressure-reducing cushions; and skin-protection products.