Reusable and Disposable Positioners

Reusable and disposable Surgical Patient Straps and Positioners help support any infection control protocol. Use one type or in combination based on your facility’s protocol or patient needs.
Reusable Benefits: Multi-patient use with easy-to-clean options
Disposable Benefits: Single-patient use for easy cleanup and faster room turnover

AliBlue Gel Head Donut
AliBlue Gel Torso Surface Overlay
Reusable Armboard Strap
AliBlue Gel Armboard Pad
VeriClean Table Strap
AliBlue Gel Patient Postioning Roll
AliBlue Gel Heel Cup
Foam Head Donut
Disposable Surface Overlay
AliStrap Precut Positioning Strap
AliStrap Patient Positioning Strap, Roll
Polyfoam Wedge
Disposable Heel Pads

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