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AliMed® VeriClean Patient Safety Straps Video

AliMed VeriClean™ Strap is the first 100% completely disinfectable strap for use in the operating room. Typical straps are sewn together, allowing for bacteria to permeate. This makes it extremely difficult to completely disinfect the strap without compromising its structural integrity. Because infection control is critical, this strap is entirely cloth- and thread-free.

The AliMed 100% Disinfectable VeriClean Strap may be entirely submerged in approved disinfectants, allowing for high-level disinfection. This is especially beneficial for cases that may require more than a surface wipe-down. Welded construction—with no cloth, thread, needle holes or hook and loop—leaves nowhere for bacteria to grow. These straps fit all surgical tables with side rails or may be used with strap hooks.

Available in  Single Strap, Strap with Mid-Panel or Bariatric models.