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KYRA® Comfort™ Lithotomy Stirrup Features Video

KYRA® Comfort Lithotomy Stirrups Unique design with curved rod that eliminates dangerous pinch hazards and provides 22° more lithotomy range of motion (+85° to -55°) than traditional stirrups for unparalleled site access during robotic-assisted procedures. Offers additional 4" of working space and extra padding compared to traditional stirrups, protecting the medial and lateral aspect of the ankle to reduce pressure injury risk.  

Choose from four styles in a range of weight capacities (details below). All models are available with easy-to-clean, fabric-free silicone Secure-Lok™ Straps for greater infection control (350 and 500 models also available with traditional hook-and-loop straps).  

Comfort™ 350 Lithotomy Stirrups: 13.2 lbs. • 350-lb. capacity • Grey
Comfort™ 500 Lithotomy Stirrups: 14.6 lbs. • 500-lb. capacity • Purple
Comfort™ 800 Lithotomy Stirrups
: 14.6 lbs. • 800-lb. capacity • Grey