Reusable Trendelenburg positioners reduce costs

August 14, 2015
Reusable Trendelenburg positioners reduce costs

More than a million Trendelenburg procedures are performed in US hospitals every year, with a significant number of facilities using disposable Trendelenburg patient positioners. At a cost of $40-$130 for each positioner, that’s an enormous expense, even without factoring in the additional costs associated with waste disposal. However, both of these costs can be drastically reduced by making the switch to reusable Trendelenburg positioners. For example, a hospital that uses 350 disposable Trendelenburg positioners per year, could potentially save more than $37,000 annually by switching to a reusable Trendelenburg Positioning System.

While disposable positioners may reduce the risk of spreading disease, reusable positioners can offer the same protection. Numerous studies, including a recent one by Johns Hopkins, demonstrate that with proper sterilization measures, reusable equipment and accessories provide comparable infection control.1 In addition, the sterilization process can be quick and easy with the right patient positioner. For example, the AliMed SecureFit TPS Trendelenburg Postioning System, features smooth surfaces and a small number of components to simplify and streamline cleaning. This Trendelenburg positioner also has the added benefit of fast and easy set-up, saving valuable clinician time.

Protecting the Environment, Along with Bottom Line

Disposables not only increase expenses, they also contribute to a growing environmental problem. It’s estimated that the nation’s hospitals generate 6,600 tons of waste per day, with operating rooms accounting for nearly 70 percent of this waste. A recent study estimated that at least 41 tons of operating room waste could be saved just by switching to reusable products. Trendelenburg patient positioners are just one of many products used in the OR, but if even a modest fraction of the million used each year are switched to reusables, it could make a significant impact. Reusable Trendelenburg patient positioners are an easy way to reduce costs and waste in your OR.




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