AliBlue™ Gel Dome Positioners

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Note: This item is the suggested alternative for the AliGel Dome Positioner

  • Low-profile to support the lower extremities
  • Helps prevent footdrop in prone
  • Relieves pressure under the knee in supine
  • Available in three lengths 

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AliBlue™ Gel Dome Positioner Lower profile helps prevent footdrop in prone, and also provides pressure protection under the knee while the patient is in supine. Use under the metatarsal or the foot, against the board or in Semi-Fowler's position. Available in three lengths: 10"L (5.2 lbs.), 14"L (7.2 lbs.), and 20"L (10.25 lbs.). 

All models: 6"W x 3"H

AliBlue™ Gel Positioners feature the same premium pressure-relieving properties as other leading gels but are more economical for a cost-effective positioning option. Made of 100% polyurethane-based viscoelastic gel and includes an 18-month warranty against manufacturing defects.

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