Toboggans and Liners

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Buy a Toboggan and Liner Kit and SAVE 50% off a case of liners!

AliMed’s NEW Toboggan and Single-Use Liners Kits are conveniently packaged to include a pair of Toboggans plus a case of 24 liners for half off their list price! Disposable liners add a layer of protection and enhanced pressure management during procedures while reducing cross-contamination risks. Kits are available for all three of our Toboggan styles: Curved, Low-Profile, or Straight.

Reusable styles include Padded T-Foam™, pressure- and shear-reducing AliGel™, or economical FREEDOM® Gel.

Toboggans safeguard extremities and protect patients

AliMed’s easy-to-use, easy-to-clean, crystal clear Toboggan Arm/Leg Guards keep arms and legs on the table, helping to prevent interference with IV lines while protecting the ulnar nerve against pressure. Choose from our best-selling Curved style for extra protection on top of extremities, Low-Profile for better physician access, or Straight for reminding physician’s not to lean against patients. All are available in a range of sizes.

Looking for a different size? Made to Order Toboggans and Covers are also available.

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