Oval-8® Finger Splint

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Product Highlights

  • Align and stabilize the PIP and DIP joints
  • Treat up to six different injuries with a simple turn of the splint
  • Heat adjustable
  • Available in Kits (44 splints, Sizes 2-15), Graduated Sets (3 splints, various sizes available), and Combo Sets (5 splints, various sizes available)

Product Details

More About This Product

Oval-8® Splints align and stabilize the PIP and DIP joints. Treat up to six different injuries with a simple turn of the splint. Ideal for tendon or ligament injuries, protecting healing fractures, controlling unstable joints, and preventing or managing finger contractures. One splint can treat swan-neck or boutonniere deformity, mallet finger injury, trigger finger or lateral instability depending on application. Two splints can be combined to immobilize the joint completely. Splints use broad bands to distribute pressure for wearing comfort. Seamless molded plastic provides durability. Open design eliminates skin issues and discomfort. Sizing: Use Oval-8® Sizing Set (#51882).

Oval-8 Kit
includes 44 Oval-8 splints, sizes 2-15, penlight, instructions, and carrying case. Refills available for case. Kit includes: (1) Size 2; (2) Size 3; (2) Size 4; (4) Size 5; (5) Size 6; (5) Size 7; (5) Size 8; (5) Size 9; (4) Size 10; (3) Size 11; (3) Size 12; (2) Size 13; (2) Size 14; (1) Size 15.

 Oval-8 Pediatric Kit includes three each of Oval-8 Splints, sizes 3-7 (15 splints total), instructions, and case. Refills available. Not recommended for children under four due to choking hazard.

Oval-8 Graduated Sets include one each of three splint sizes (3 splints total) to ensure the right fit and accommodate changes in finger swelling.

Oval-8 Combo Sets include one each of five splint sizes (5 splints total) and offer clinics a range of sizes to have on hand.

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