3pp® Side Step™ Finger Splint

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3pp® Side Step™ Finger Splint
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Product Highlights

  • Adjustable tension straightens PIP or DIP
  • Helps straighten fingers twisted by injury or arthritis
  • Fits left or right hand

Product Details

More About This Product

3PP® Side Step™ Splints Adjustable tension applies a static progressive stretch to correct IP joint deviation. Cushioned slide adjusts to provide a stabilizing counterforce at DIP or PIP. May help reduce the formation of Heberden’s or Bouchard’s nodes on the finger joints—two of the most common effects of arthritis. Foam-lined straps and pads are not made with natural rubber latex. Fits left or right hand.

Sizing: Measure length from web space to fingertip and width at proximal phalanx. If between sizes, choose larger size.
Small fits 1-1/2" to 2"
Medium: 1-3/4" to 3-1/8"
Large: 3" to 3-1/2"

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