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3pp® ThumSling®
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  • 3pp® ThumSling®
  • 3pp® ThumSling®
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Product Highlights

  • The 3pp ThumSling is a soft, lightweight splint that applies light compression
  • Helps relieve arthritis pain at the base of the thumb - the CMC joint
  • The ThumSling gently holds the joint without limiting motion or function

Product Details

More About This Product

3pp® ThumSling® Flexible wraparound thumb sling "hugs" the CMC joint to reduce subluxation and grinding pain. Great for CMC joint arthritis and ligament injuries. This thumb sling is made of breathable fabric and foam to eliminate bulk. Sling includes removable stay for added control. Use for all-day thumb support or during sports activity. Hand or machine washable. Not made with natural rubber latex.

Sizing: Measure circumference at MPs.
Small/Medium: 6" to 7-1/4"
Medium/Large: 7-1/4" to 9-1/4"

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