Finger and Thumb Splints and Braces

CMC Arthritis Solutions

Reduce joint inflammation and pain

Basal joint (CMC) arthritis doesn’t have to stop your patients from performing daily activities. Intended for chronic arthritis sufferers, these durable, low-profile supports effectively stabilize the MP and CMC joints to reduce joint grinding, inflammation, and pain associated with CMC arthritis.

Acute-Use vs. Chronic-Use Splints Given the waxing and waning nature of arthritis pain, individual splinting needs may fluctuate from day to day. During acute flare-ups, users may require complete immobilization until inflammation subsides. These episodes require a splint with greater protection and coverage for use as a daytime support or as a nighttime resting splint. FREEDOM® Thumb
offer full stabilization of the MP and CMC joint for periods of acute flare-up or, in more severe cases, for everyday use.
For managing the early chronic stages of arthritis, a soft wrap is great for support without limiting hand function. The
achieves this by delivering compressive support directly to the CMC joint to reduce subluxation and joint grinding. The CMC ThumbFit™ with Thumb Extension model features a soft MP support for added stability and a pressure button that can be positioned over the CMC joint for relief during acute flare-ups or with Stage II and III arthritis.