Radiation Protection Aprons — Choosing The Right Apron

September 17, 2018
Perfect Fit infographic

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The cumulative effect of regular radiation exposure can be detrimental. Studies have shown that staff who do not adequately protect themselves can develop some of the following condition over years of exposure:

  • Eyes — radiation-induced cataracts
  • Hands — cancer, dermatitis
  • Body — cancer and birth defects 

AliMed provides radiation protection garments designed to encourage usage with lighter, lead-free materials, fatigue-reducing designs, and single-use solutions — all in one place. 

Radiation aprons protect the body from scatter radiation. Here are five qualities to consider for choosing the right apron to fit your needs:

1. Weight Preference: When standing for such long periods of time, a few pounds can make a huge difference. AliMed's Grab n' Go Weight Reliever Radiation Aprons provide an even weight distribution to less stress on neck and back,

2. Protection Level: All apron styles offer 0.5 mm Pb equivalent protection. Choose from Standard Lead, Lightweight Lead, Lead-Free, or Ultralight Lead-Free.

3. Coverage: There are two types of coverage — front protection and front/back protection aprons.

  • Front Protection Aprons — These aprons are for the clinician and physician who does not turn their back to the source of radiation.
  • Front/Back Protection Aprons — These aprons provide full coverage for someone who may be circulating in the room during a procedure.

4. Fit and Style: The closeness of the fit of an apron is critical due to the positions used during fluoroscopy. Choose from Front Protection Aprons, Vest/Reverse Vest and Kilt, and Coat Apron.

5. Colors and Prints: AliMed offers two groupings of aprons: Grab n' Go Aprons and Perfect Fit™ Aprons.

Learn more about AliMed aprons at https://www.alimed.com/radiation-aprons/


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