Choosing the “Perfect” Radiation Protection Apron

September 17, 2018
Perfect Fit infographic

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Radiation protection aprons are one of the most effective ways to protect staff against the potentially dangerous effects of scatter radiation during fluoroscopic procedures, but wearing an apron that doesn’t fit properly or provides inadequate protection may not be doing the job you need it to.

When choosing an apron, weight, fit, and style are just as important as the level of protection it provides. Heavy, bulky styles—especially when worn during long procedures—can take a toll on the body, causing strain or injury1 while oversized or undersized aprons can lack the appropriate coverage, putting you at an increased risk of radiation exposure.2

Five Qualities to Consider

Here are five qualities to consider when choosing the right apron to fit your needs:

  1. Weight and Style: When standing for extended periods of time, a few extra pounds and a bulky style can have a huge impact on productivity. FeatherLite lead-free aprons with ergonomic designs are 42% lighter than standard lead models while reducing overall strain on the body.

    • Easy-on/easy-off Weight Reliever Aprons distribute weight evenly to lessen stress on the neck, back, and shoulders for optimal performance. Also available in a Flex style with a stretch back.
    • Back Aid Aprons feature an adjustable back-saver belt for lower lumbar support.

  2. Fit: A proper fitting apron is critical to minimize risk of exposure to areas that should be covered.

    • Adjustable Quick-Drop Aprons offer closures at the shoulder and waist with an elasticized stretch back for optimal fit and function.
    • Tie Aprons provide crisscrossing ties for adjustability while the shoulder strap distributes weight evenly.

  3. Size: Download our printable poster to learn how to take accurate measurements for proper fit and coverage. All AliMed Aprons are available in a range of sizes, including tailored-fit options, for the right fit.

  4. Coverage: There are two types of coverage—front protection and front/back protection aprons.

    • Front Protection Aprons—For staff whose back is not exposed to the source of radiation.
    • Front/Back Protection Aprons—For staff who may be circulating in the room with their back exposed to the source of radiation.

  5. Protection: All AliMed aprons offer full 0.5 mm Pb-equivalent front protection while Vests, Kilts and Coat styles provide an additional 0.25 mm Pb-equivalent back protection.

Useful Solutions from AliMed

AliMed offers two lines of aprons available in a range of styles and sizes designed to minimize the effects of harmful scatter radiation while encouraging use with lighter, lead-free materials and fatigue-reducing styles that relieve strain on the body while fitting properly for better coverage.

  • Grab ‘n Go Aprons are color-coded by size to make identifying the right size simple; available in standard sizing from small to X-large with same-day shipping.*
  • Perfect Fit™ Aprons offer the widest selection with 100+ colors and prints in standard sizes from small to 3X-large or tailored option for a more personalized fit.

Learn more about AliMed Radiation Protection Aprons.


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