Lead & Lead Free Radiation Protection Apron Weights

Which Apron Weight is Right for You?

All radiation protection apron styles offer full 0.5mm Pb equivalent front protection.
Choose Standard Lead, Lightweight Lead, or Ultralight Lead-Free for all apron styles.

Weight Comparison Chart

Ultralight Lead-Free

7.2 lbs.*
100% antimony

Up to 36% lighter than standard lead*

Contains no lead but offers the same protection as lead aprons. Requires no special disposal. Good for long procedures.

Lightweight Lead

8.8 lbs.*
Lead-based alloy

Up to 14% lighter than standard lead*

Same protection as standard-lead at a lighter weight. Good for short to medium-length procedures.

Standard Lead

11.3 lbs.*
100% lead

Our standard-weight lead is the most traditional and economical option and is best for shorter procedures.

*Based on Large Front Protection Apron