Throwing image artifacts a curve

July 27, 2015

Every year, millions of diagnostic imaging procedures are performed to aid in accurate diagnoses. But all too often, artifacts get in the way. An artifact, a distortion or error in the image, can degrade image quality, affect the perceptibility of detail and may lead to a misdiagnosis that could have serious medicolegal implications.

Even when artifacts are discovered before a mistake is made, their effects can be damaging. Imaging technicians may need to re-take images one or more times, resulting in a slow down in care, increased costs, and added frustration for both clinicians and patients.

Getting the Edge in Patient Positioning

Ironically, the patient positioners used to stabilize patients for imaging can be a major cause of image errors. The perpendicular sides of these imaging patient positioners create wide witness lines and artifacts - see the X-Ray positioner comparison. However, InvisiCoat Patient Positioners from AliMed can avoid this problem entirely. Unlike conventional imaging patient positioners, InvisiCoat positioners has curved edges, a one-of-a-kind design feature that enables high quality images while reducing the artifacts associated with straight-side positioning.

Available in several configurations to support a patient’s head (occipital head positioner), lumbar, spine and obliques (33/55 degree positioning wedges and 45 degree positioning wedges), InvisiCoat positioners can be used with X-Ray, MRI, CT and other radiologic procedures. In addition, InvisiCoat patient positioners feature a seamless, antimicrobial coating that’s durable and easy-to-clean. Find out how you can improve your image quality with InvisiCoat, the curved line of imaging positioners that reduce artifacts.