SteriSet® Sterilization Containers

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SteriSet® Sterilization Containers
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  • SteriSet® Sterilization Containers
  • SteriSet® Sterilization Containers
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Product Highlights

  • Completely eliminates disposable filters and wrap
  • Sturdy, stackable design

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SteriSet® Sterilization Containers are the only system available that completely eliminates disposable filters and wraps, guaranteeing superior performance, cost savings, and simplified use. Steriset containers eliminate punctures, tears, and pinholes associated with disposable wrap. Plus, their sturdy, stackable design allows convenient storage of sterile instruments. The lightweight aluminum body quickly dissipates heat, cooling the container before transport.

  • Double-lid construction helps ensure maximum protection. Made of aluminum, the double-lid design is standard on all Steriset containers. The lid protects the inner valve from damage that can occur during transportation. It also offers hygienic security bu keeping out dust, excess moisture, and other contaminants once the instruments have been sterilized. The double-lid design allows containers to be stacked three high during sterilization, transport and storage, saving room in and out of the sterilizer.

  • Reusable Valve: The Key to Risk-free, Maintenance-free Sterilization. The stainless steel valve is pressure-activated. It automatically opens during the steam pre-vacuum sterilization cycle, allowing the contents of the container to be sterilized. This feature eliminates the need and expense for disposable paper filters required by other container systems. After sterilization, the valve remains closed, creating an impermeable barrier that keeps the contents sterile until opened in the OR.

  • ThermoLoc®: The Intelligent Locking System. ThermoLoc® eliminates the need and cost for the plastic locks/arrows required on other container systems. ThermoLoc is a red bar that is heat-activated to automatically come down during the sterilization cycle and lock the lid in place. The container remains sealed until opened in the OR. Once the red bar is reset, it will not come back down unless the container is sent through the sterilizer again. This ensures that the container has not bee opened prior to it arriving in the OR, providing a true tamper-evident seal.

  • Condensation Drains for Heavy Loads. Container with the optional condensation drain in the bottom are ideal for heavy or massive sets over 18 lbs. or for facilities with wet steam conditions. The drain is temperature-activated, opening automatically when the sterilizer reaches 260°F to allow any remaining condensate to flow out of the container. Then, when the sterilizer cools to 210°F, the drain closes, ensuring a dry, full protected instrument load. Containers with drains can accommodate loads of more than 25 lbs.

WARNING: California's Proposition 65
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