PST Universal Sterilization Trays

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Product Highlights

  • Lightweight and gentle to delicate instruments, yet rugged enough to last for many years
  • Cool down in 60 seconds after flash sterilization
  • Sterilize and transport tools safely and easily

Product Details

More About This Product

PST Universal Sterilization Trays are lightweight and protect delicate instruments. These trays cool down in 60 seconds after flash sterilization. Sterilize and transport tools safely. See-through lid allows inspection. Mats come with each tray to prevent shifting of instruments, and they retain their flexibility even after repeated sterilization at high temperatures. All trays withstand rigors of steam autoclave, dry heat or flash up to 320°F/160°C, EtO, gas plasma, gamma radiation, hydrogen peroxide, cold sterilants, disinfectants, and germicides.

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