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Product Highlights

  • No KOH – minimum anesthetic agent degradation
  • Low dust
  • Low bulk density
  • Low risk of carbon monoxide formation
  • Low odor
  • CARBOLIME is available in several convenient package options

Product Details

More About This Product

CARBOLIME® is a granular solar lime absorbent used for the efficient removal of carbon dioxide from closed and semi-closed patient breathing circuits. Carbolime contains a precise mixture of calcium hydroxide (Ca(OH)2), water, and a small amount of sodium hydroxide (NaOH), with ethyl violet indicator dye to provide white-to-violet color change upon exhaustion.

  • No KOH – minimum anesthetic agent degradation (e.g. Sevoflurane to Compound A and other toxic products compared to other brands containing potassium hydroxide)

  • Low dust – minimum dust levels with the benefits of high surface area and graded particle size

  • Low bulk density – less weight required to fill absorber and therefore less waste when refilling frequently (e.g., daily) prior to full exhaustion

  • Low risk of carbon monoxide formation due to good resistance of dry gas desiccation

  • Low odor due to reliable control of indicator dye concentration – dye overdosing causes amines to be released, dye underdosing causes poor/no color change

Select Carbolime in:

2.5 lbs. prepackaged containers, case of 12

3 lbs. bags, case of 12

How Does Carbolime Work?

Carbolime is supplied as hard, irregularly shaped granules that have been processed to minimize dust formation from friction. Carbolime has a moisture content of 12-19%, and is manufactured with a hardness and porosity which delivers dependable, efficient CO2 absorption.Carbolime contains a small amount of ethyl violet, which acts as a color indicator when nearing absorption exhaustion.

Fresh Carbolime has a white to off-white color. As CO2 absorption reaches it's capacity, the Carbolime granules distinctively change to violet. This violet color intensifies to indicate exhaustion of the soda lime. When the violet color has penetrated through half the depth of the Carbolime absorber, the absorbent capacity of the canister is exhausted and the material should be discarded and replaced. It is essential to empty canisters immediately after exhaustion. If exhausted Carbolime is left to stand, the violet color will begin to revert to white within a few hours. Although Carbolime may appear to return to a fresh state, it cannot be regenerated and should never be re-used. The absorbent should be changed when uncertain of the state of hydration, such as if fresh gas flow has been left on for an extensive or indeterminate amount of time.

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