Gemini Sterilization Wraps

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Gemini Sterilization Wraps
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Product Highlights

  • Offer complete hygienic security, tight packaging and strong cost savings
  • Gemini is known for its good drapeability, low memory and soft texture and feel

Product Details

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Gemini Sterilization Wraps offer complete hygienic security, tight packaging, and strong cost savings. Gemini is known for its good drapeability, low memory, and soft texture and feel, making it easy to use and fold. Gemini offers users better security than competitor products with the following performance benefits:

  • Granular surface pattern allows steam tape to stick better for a solid seal. The soft pattern is also more user-friendly for those that wrap frequently

  • Stronger material strength offers more resistance to punctures and tears, keeping packaged contents sterile

  • Anti-Static coating helps prevent workers from repeated static "shocks" while wrapping and also serves as a safety precaution against oxygen-rich OR environments

  • Strong drapeability of Gemini wrap allows wrapped items to be tightly packed, reducing chances for external contaminants to penetrate through gaps

  • Naturally low linting helps maintain integrity of the sterile packs

  • Better adhesion offers a surface that is friendly to sterilization tape

  • One-ply gives you the choice to fold two wraps at the same time or sequentially

  • Thirteen sizes across five different weights – up to 25% cost savings

Wrap Weight Usage Guide:
Lightweight: Light trays, small linen packs, small medical devices, and small instruments
Regular: Packs, light basin sets, instruments, medical devices, linen packs and trays
Medium: Large packs, large medical devices, basin sets, and instrument trays
Heavyweight: Heavy instrument sets and multiple basin sets
Super Heavyweight: Very large and heavy instrument sets that require extra strength

WARNING: California's Proposition 65
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