PPS Glide Reusable Air-Assisted Lateral Transfer System

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Product Highlights

  • Air-assisted technology reduces friction and creates a cushion of air for smoother, safer lateral transfers
  • Drastically reduces overall pull force and risk of staff injuries compared to traditional transfer devices
  • Ideal tool to support no-lift safe patient handling protocols for transferring, repositioning, boosting, turning, or proning
  • Available in three sizes to accommodate patients up to 1,000 lbs.
  • Machine-washable for reuse

Product Details

More About This Product

PPS Glide Reusable Air-Assisted Lateral Transfer System Similar to an air hockey table, the innovative air-assisted lateral transfer technology of the PPS Glide reduces friction by circulating low-pressure, high-volume air through hundreds of micro-perforations. This creates a cushion of air to help smoothly, comfortable, and safely lift and glide patients—of any size up to 1,000 lbs.—from surface to surface, drastically reducing overall pull force and risk of staff injuries compared to traditional transfer devices. With only two caregivers needed, the PPS Glide requires fewer staff to assist while helping alleviate patient anxiety. Also great as an in-bed repositioning aid for boosting, turning, or proning (more details below). Includes safety straps and pull handles. Available in three sizes. Pump sold separately. Optional accessories available (details below). 

Glide: Machine-washable • MR-safe • 1-year limited warranty
Pump: MR-unsafe • 1-year limited warranty

Regular: 28"W x 78"L • 500-lb. capacity
Large: 32"W x 78"L • 700-lb. capacity
Bariatric: 46"W x 78"L • 1,000-lb. capacity

Wedges for Repositioning
When using the PPS Glide as a repositioning aid, wedges can assist in maintaining proper side-lying position and pressure redistribution while anchoring the patient to minimize migration and boosting. We recommend our 27° Disposable Uncovered or Reusable Vinyl-Covered Wedges

Optional Accessories (sold separately)

  • Replacement Filter: Replace filter every two years or after use with patient isolated due to highly infectious disease with high risk of airborne transmission. Five filters per box.
  • Storage Cart: A convenient storage option that keeps the system close by and ready to go.
  • Storage Tote: Provides easy, compact storage and transport. 
  • Protective Sheet: Add a fluid-proof layer of protection between the patient and the Glide. Machine-washable. Three sizes available:
    Regular: 34"W x 79"L
    Large: 36"W x 79"L
    Bariatric: 54"W x 79"L

Click here for the PPS Glide Single Patient Use model.

For more information on the PPS Glide, click here.

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