Swiss-Style Tweezers, Stainless Steel

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Swiss-Style Tweezers, Stainless Steel
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Swiss-Style Tweezers, Stainless Steel

Style 1 
Length: 4-3/4". Fine, straight, precision point tweezer. Slim design for use in precision bending and positioning applications.

Style 2 
Length: 4-3/4". Straight, tapered, precision point tweezer for bending and handling of small wires and parts. Similar to Style 1, but with sturdier point tips that are slightly wider and thicker. Shanks are indented and have flat edges for gripping object with tip or side.

Style 3
 Length: 4-3/4". Straight, fine point tweezer for use in subminiature assembly work.

Style 3C
Length: 4-3/8". Straight, extra-fine point tweezer. Similar to Style 3, but shorter.

Style 4 
Length: 4-3/8". Fine, tapered, precision point tweezer. For subminiature work in densely packed areas.

Style 5 
Length: 4-3/8". Tapered, super-fine precision point tweezer. Excellent for use in die attaching and wire bonding for micro-electronic assemblies. 

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