Surgical Instruments

AliMed has a wide-range of professional surgical instruments and supplies. The surgical supplies range in grade from economy to premium.

AliMed carries three grades of Miltex, Inc. instruments (Miltex, Meisterhand, and Vantage). In addition, we carry a generic German line and an Economy line.

Miltex Brand

Premium O.R. - quality instruments - made from the highest-grade German stainless steel with the higest-quality German Manufacturing. 

Miltex Meisterhand Brand (MH) 

An O.R. - grade line of instruments made of quality German stainless steel, and manufactured in Germany. Competitively priced for the cost-containment environment. Ideal for the acute care market. 

German Grade

Excellent floor-grade quality instruments made from mid-grade stainless steel. Manufactured in Germany, but still low cost. 

Miltex VANTAGE Brand (V9)

Mid-grade instruments made from Japanese stainless steel and manufactured in Pakistan. An excellent choice for cost-conscious facilities like offices and clinics-a step up from floor grade quality. 

Economy Grade

Our most economic grade features stainless steel instruments manufactured in Pakistan. They are a lower cost yet floor-grade quality. 

All instruments must be maintained

The dangers of cross-contamination are all too evident. Today's practitioner realizes the importance of careful cleaning and sterilization. Shop AliMed's full line of
Surgical Instrument Care products.