Hip Joint Replacement Products

Optimize surgical outcomes in the O.R. and after

AliMed’s Hip Surgery products take your patient through the surgical process comfortably and with optimal support.

Surgical Positioning

AliMed is an industry leader in patient positioning solutions. Our hip positioning products take your patient safely and comfortably through the surgical process, providing optimal stability for positive patient outcomes. Our variety of lateral and prone hip positioning systems, armboards, and arm cradles help redistribute pressure and provide support, offering comfort and security for patients, while providing optimal access for the surgical team.

Post-Op Bracing

Following procedures, AliMed’s Hip Abduction Orthosis and Hip Stabilizer provide patients both increased functionality and stability, with maximum comfort and ease of use for long-term compliancy.

Recovery Aids

Once patients return home, our in-home aids make recovery easier while helping to prevent re-injury. From our elevated toilet seat and seat cushion that acts as a portable lift chair to everyday essentials including reachers, sock aids, and dressing sticks—we have the tools to empower your patients to maintain compliance for long-term success.