Heel Protection

January 12, 2015
Patient Handling
  • Over $25 billion is spent annually on the treatment of chronic wounds.1 Heel pressure wounds account for over 30% of this — that’s over $7.5 billion!
  • The heels are the most common site for pressure ulcers in long-term care facilities, and the second most common site for pressure ulcers overall.2
  • Of all pressure ulcers, 30.3% develop on the heels and 6.1% on the malleolus (ankle bone).3

Heel Pressure Relief and Positioning Solutions

AliMed understands the day-to-day challenges you face when managing heel protection. Based on feedback from our valued customers, AliMed engineers developed effective solutions to help address the biggest challenges — footdrop prevention, product cost, compliance, care and cleaning, and risk of secondary injury. AliMed Heel Protection Products offer quality solutions for every budget with both premium and value options — from hard-shell Wound Care & Contracture Boots to soft, protective Skin Sleeves & Pads. In addition to our own trusted brand, we also sell a selection of recognized brands for your convenience.

For managing footdrop prevention and cross-leg injury concerns

The MultiBoot is a clinician’s best choice for maximum protection and heel pressure relief. This exceptional line of Wound Care & Contracture Boots fully suspends the heel, eliminating pressure and allowing optimal airflow — all while keeping the foot and ankle in a neutral position to help avoid a footdrop contracture. Unlike soft boot models, AliMed hard-shelled boots maintain the foot and ankle in proper alignment, even when there is moderate flexor tone present. Choose from three models: the fully padded MultiBoot™ Xtra for extra moisture control and airflow, the skin-safe MultiBoot™ X-Cel, with all smooth edges and built for safe ambulation, and the budget-friendly MultiBoot™ Standard.

Soft comfort with footdrop prevention

For patients with fragile skin or those with existing heel ulcers, we recommend AliMed® Soft Heel Suspension Boots with premium lower-leg and heel protection combined with moderate footdrop prevention. These boots eliminate heel pressure and subsequent skin breakdown, and help guard against footdrop.

Choose from a variety of boots, ranging in support, amount of airflow, moisture-wicking quality, washability, rotation control, and smooth exterior material for ease of bed mobility.

Heel Suspension Positioners help reduce heat buildup

When perspiration and heat buildup occur, the risk increases for poor compliance or worse, pressure ulcers. AliMed Suspension Positioners help improve airflow and reduce heat buildup to improve skin integrity and comfort. Similar to boots, our positioners combine full heel pressure relief and allow easy access to the heel for skin inspection, treatments, and dressing changes.

Heel Pillows provide comfortable pressure reduction

For basic heel protection against skin ulcers, we recommend our pillows and cushions for more effective heel suspension, protection, and stabilization than resting on a bed pillow.

Protect heels or elbows from friction and pressure

For basic protection against skin ulcers, we recommend our wearable, washable, low-profile sleeve protectors. Choose from options that feature removable foam or cooling gel inserts to pad and protect vulnerable heels, ankles, or elbows from friction and pressure.

Trust AliMed to be your source for ALL your heel protection needs.


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Wound Care & Contracture Boots

Wound Care and Contracture Boots

Recommended for individuals with a Braden Scale score ≤18. Excellent footdrop protection / contracture management with options for transferring / ambulation. Good access for heel inspection.


Soft Heel Suspension Boot

Soft Heel Suspension Boot

Best for users at high risk for breakdown or with existing heel ulcers and fragile skin. Provide moderate footdrop protection and secure positioning. Allow easier bed mobility with low-friction exteriors.


Heel Suspension Positioners

Heel Suspension Positioners

Improved airflow and reduced heat buildup as compared to boots. Varying footdrop protection depending on model with options for increased lateral support. Unique designs to meet individual needs: full access for dressing changes, low-profile options.


Heel Pillows

Heel Pillows

Ideal for low-to-moderate risk for heel ulcers. Provide minimal footdrop protection and protect vulnerable malleoli. Lower profile than boots for improved compliance with lower risk residents.


Skin Sleeves & Pad

Skin Sleeves and Pad

Protect heels and elbows from friction and pressure in low-risk individuals. Reduce pressure with gel or foam pads on bony areas. Offer breathability without restricting blood flow.



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