Cast Shoes

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  • Aircast Walking Braces Aircast Walking Braces
    • Low rocker sole for ease of ambulation
    • Wider foot base for improved stability
    • Aircast's relocated valves improve ease of use
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  • AliMed® Diabetic Walker AliMed® Diabetic Walker
    • Closed heel for better protection
    • Remove 3/8" square cells for spot pressure relief
    • Fully padded interior helps protect the insensitive limb
    • Trilayer insole
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  • Cast Cozy Cast Cozy
    • Functional, stylish covering for bandaged foot or open-toe cast
    • Warms and protects the toes
    • Keeps dirt out
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  • Darco® Air Traveler™ Darco® Air Traveler™
    • Air Traveler walker has circumferential air bladder that provides the ultimate compression and security and the patient can easily adjust the pressure
    • Extra patient comfort and support from Darco's 10 mm EVA Insole
    • Five way walker strapping system with five heavy duty straps
    • Air Traveler is one of the lowest profile walkers on the market
    • The Air Traveler has a slight rocker sole to help patients transition from heel to toe
    • Anatomically contoured spatula stirrups conform to the leg and immobilize the ankl
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  • Darco® APB™ Shoe Darco® APB™ Shoe
    • For all-season, closed-toe protection
    • Room for bulky, post-op dressings or even most fiberglass casts
    • Breathable upper provides high-top protection
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  • Darco® Body Armor® Cast Shoe Darco® Body Armor® Cast Shoe
    • Soft, durable EVA shields cast from moisture, shock and everyday wear
    • Bungee closure system
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  • Darco® Pediatric Slimline™ Cast Boot Darco® Pediatric Slimline™ Cast Boot
    • Stiff sole
    • Long-wearing polyester and EVA upper
    • Hook-and-loop closures
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  • Darco® Slimline Cast Boot Darco® Slimline Cast Boot
    • Stiff sole
    • Long wearing polyester and EVA upper
    • Rocker design sole with a ripple finish
    • Hook-and-loop closures
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  • Darco® Walker FX Pro™ Darco® Walker FX Pro™
    • Ultra low profile design eliminates height difference between walker and normal shoe without altering gait
    • Padded liner is vented promoting air circulation, keeping the lower leg cool and comfortable
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  • GaitKeeper™ Cast Shoe GaitKeeper™ Cast Shoe
    • Cushioned air sole design prevents excessive cast wear
    • Enhanced rocker bottom permits natural gait
    • Flexible sole delivers superior comfort
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  • Össur Equalizer® Short Leg Walker Össur Equalizer® Short Leg Walker
    • Sturdy walker frame contours to your patient's leg for a better fit
    • Unique shock-absorbing sole reduces impact from heel strike for comfort during ambulation
    • Low, wide rocker bottom specifically engineered to promote a natural gait and increased stability
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  • Össur® Equalizer® Air Walker Össur® Equalizer® Air Walker
    • Patented pneumatic system increases stability while decreasing pain and swelling
    • Air-fill level is easily adjusted to achieve desired compression and custom fit
    • Accommodates the swelling patterns that occur throughout the rehabilitation process
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