Aircast® Walking Braces

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Product Highlights

  • Low rocker sole for ease of ambulation
  • Wider foot base for improved stability
  • Aircast's relocated valves improve ease of use

Product Details

More About This Product

Aircast® Walkers help reduce edema with pulsating, graduated compression; protect with a semirigid shell; promote stability from custom-inflated air cells that maintain limb contact; and have a wider foot base, ensuring room for dressings. Relocated valves improve ease of use.  SP, FP, and XP walkers have a low rocker bottom for ease of ambulation. Fits left or right.

Aircast® SP Walker™ is ideal for patients whose limb length or calf circumference prohibits them from using a standard height walker. Specifically designed for foot and ankle injuries, SP Walker’s shell is lined with individually custom-inflated air cells, providing full-limb contact while helping reduce edema. Includes hand bulb for custom inflation.

Aircast SP Walker Sizing:


 Mens Shoe Size

 Women's Shoe Size

 Brace Height

 Max. Foot Width


 4 - 7

 5 - 8




 7 - 10

 8 - 11




 10 - 13

 11 - 15



Aircast® FP Walker™ is the cost-effective walking brace with full-shell protection and semi-pneumatic support. Two air cells housed within the shell compress and support the malleoli. Each aircell custom inflates with the included hand bulb, providing optimum support and comfort.

Aircast® XP Walker™
features four air cells for a “total contact” fit. Custom inflate aircells for maximum support and comfort with the provided hand bulb. Includes two socks.

Aircast FP and XP Walker Sizing:

 Size  Men's Shoe Size  Women's Shoe Size  Brace Height  Max. Foot Width  Max. Calf Circ.
  Small  4 - 7  5 - 8  12-1/2"  4-1/2"  14"
 Medium  7 - 10  8 - 11  13-3/4"  5"  16"
 Large  10 - 13  11 - 15  14-3/4"  5-1/2"  26"
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