Easy-to-Install™ Anti-Wandering Door Bar System

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Easy-to-Install™ Anti-Wandering Door Bar System
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  • Easy-to-Install™ Anti-Wandering Door Bar System
  • Easy-to-Install™ Anti-Wandering Door Bar System
  • Easy-to-Install™ Anti-Wandering Door Bar System
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Product Highlights

  • Mount to any doorway
  • Install it yourself in 3 easy steps
  • Up and running the day you get it

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Easy-to-Install™ Anti-Wandering Door Bar System functions with just a door alarm and a resident wristband. When a resident wearing a wristband attempts to wander too close or through the doorway, the door monitor alarm will alert audibly and visually (alarm will sound and bar will flash). Caregivers can easily silence alarm using the remote, wall-mounted reset button or handy Caregiver Key. Door Bar Systems can be expanded using the optional Large-Facility Central Monitoring Unit, which is capable of sounding an alarm at a central nurses station and displays both the doorway location and the identity of the resident who triggered the alarm. To install, mount door bar by an exit or doorway, secure contact switch to door and door frame, plug them in, and place wristband on resident—system will be up and running the same day. Use one door bar for a Single Door or two door bars for a double door with no limit to how many Wristbands can be used with each door bar.

Single Door Monitoring System includes: Door-strip alarm, resident wristband, reset button, magnetic contact switch, and AC adapter

WARNING: California's Proposition 65
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