Clavicle and Postural Supports

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Clavicle Support
Clavicle Support
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Femi Posture
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Reduce the effects of poor posture

Poor posture typically results from muscle weakness, improper body mechanics, age-related changes, or inadequate positioning in a chair or at a workstation. Whatever the cause, poor posture that isn’t addressed can lead to degeneration of discs and damage to muscles, nerves, or connective structures. This damage manifests itself in many ways, including chronic headaches, fatigue, and neck, shoulder, or back pain. This can be severe and even disabling. Until now, postural supports intended to address the problem have been stiff, cumbersome, and restrictive, resulting in poor patient tolerance and compliance.

The first flexible, low-profile posture support of its kind! ShouldersBack provides gentle but supportive correction of the upper back and shoulder girdle, gently retracting the scapulae, externally rotating the humeral heads, and extending the thoracic spine. The key to ShouldersBack’s success is that it allows the wearer normal, unrestricted movement while gently reminding the muscles of their proper postural alignment ShouldersBack works by retraining the postural muscles without over-correcting, thus optimizing patient tolerance.

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