AliMed® ShouldersBack® Lite

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Product Highlights

  • ShouldersBack posture support gently pulls your shoulders back to improve your stance and posture
  • Aligns shoulders, neck and back muscles
  • Helps reduce and prevent neck pain
  • Can be worn all day - virtually invisible under clothes - but just one hour a day will retrain your mind and muscle memory

Product Details

More About This Product

AliMed® ShouldersBack® Lite allows full range of motion while gently reminding the wearer to maintain good posture. By keeping the shoulders retracted and the spine in proper alignment, ShouldersBack Lite reinforces and helps maintain correct shoulder positioning, enabling the wearer to maintain perfect posture. One set of straps fastens just under the chest. The suspender straps that come diagonally across the shoulders can be adjusted to increase or decrease the tension and corrective force. Non-binding all-elastic straps won’t constrict or irritate skin, while new sheer fabric allows all-day comfort in warm seasons and climates. ShouldersBack Lite’s low profile design is virtually undetectable under clothing. For optimal comfort wear over a thin, fitted T-shirt under bulkier clothing.

Suggested code: L3660.

Sizing: ShouldersBack is sized according to the circumference of the rib cage just below the chest. Please select the proper size accordingly. The chest straps should fit snugly without binding and the suspender straps are adjustable to fit individual body types accordingly.
Small fits up to 24"
Medium fits up to 38"
Large fits up to 50"

More About ShouldersBack

The Original EquiFit ShouldersBack Posture Support was developed by a leading orthopedic team to help horse riders improve their riding posture. Because ShouldersBack has proven so effective, is comfortable, breathable and does not restrict nor hinder your movement, it is now also being worn by many others including professional athletes, dancers, chiropractors, dental hygienists, actors, and models. ShouldersBack has proven results for both men and women.

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