Carrot™ Hand Contracture Orthoses

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AliMed® Therapy Carrot™ Hand Contracture Orthoses

Painless Positioning for Severely Contracted Hands

  • Gradual, pain-free insertion
  • Progressive contracture reduction
  • Measurable outcomes

No more painful prying!

The AliMed® Therapy Carrot Hand Contracture Orthosis painlessly positions severely contracted hands, providing caregivers with easier access to the hand to allow for daily skin care, help prevent nail puncture injuries, and control infection risk while monitoring progressive contracture reduction. The Original Carrot treats moderate-to-severe contractures while the Antimicrobial-Treated Carrot helps reduce odor-causing bacteria. For the most severely contracted hands, choose the Inflatable Carrot.


Developed more than 20 years ago, the AliMed Carrot Hand Contracture Orthosis with its tapered shape and unique “Magic Wand” is an innovative device that offers painless positioning of severely contracted hands for better patient comfort and easier caregiving. Unlike traditional orthotic devices that require forceful application to pry hands open, the Carrot is designed to be gently inserted into the hand and drawn into place with the use of a plastic wand without causing discomfort. This gives caregivers easier access to the hand for better hygiene and reduced infection risk while graduated markings on the cover accurately measure and document your patient’s progress.

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How it works:

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