AliMed® Original Therapy Carrot™ Hand Contracture Orthosis Kit

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Product Highlights

  • Painless positioning for severely contracted hands
  • Provides easier access to hand for daily skin care, helps prevent nail puncture injuries, and controls infection risk
  • Graduated markings on cover document and measure patient’s progress
  • Smooth cotton cover with washable, absorbent wool fleece filling keeps hand cool and dry

Product Details

More About This Product

AliMed® Original Therapy Carrot™ Hand Contracture Orthosis Kit painlessly positions the fingers away from the palm to protect the skin from excessive moisture, pressure, and the risk of nail puncture injuries. Smooth, polyester cotton blend cover packed with washable, absorbent wool fleece helps keep the hand cool and dry. Fleece conforms to hand to reduce flexor spasticity. Graduated markings on the cover accurately measure and document patient’s progress. Hand-wash in cold water and let air-dry.

How it works: Secure the included “Magic Wand” to the loop at the end of the Carrot and gently pull wand through contracted hand to draw Carrot into place.

Color-coded by size:
Small (Orange): 8-1/2"L, 5" maximum circumference
Large (Green): 9"L, 5-3/4" maximum circumference

Original Therapy Carrot Hand Contracture Orthosis Kit contains:
2 Carrots (choice of Large or Small)
2 “Magic Wands”
1 laundry marker to track progression
1 instruction manual

Patent #5,830,108

The AliMed Carrot Story
Developed more than 20 years ago, the AliMed Carrot Hand Contracture Orthosis with its tapered shape and unique “Magic Wand” is an innovative device that offers painless positioning of severely contracted hands for better patient comfort and easier caregiving. Unlike traditional orthotic devices that require forceful application to pry hands open, the Carrot is designed to be gently inserted into the hand and drawn into place with the use of a plastic wand without causing discomfort. This gives caregivers easier access to the hand for better hygiene and reduced infection risk while graduated markings on the cover accurately measure and document your patient’s progress.

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