Billing and Payments

What are my payment choices?

We accept ACH's, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. Checks are also accepted. Overdue accounts are subject to a late payment fee of 2% per month, resulting in an annual rate of 24% and any collection charges that are incurred.

What about returned checks?

A $25.00 fee will be charged for all returned checks.

I need a copy of my invoice. How do I get one?

Copies of your invoices are available online: paperless customer invoices. You can also call customer service and provide your order or invoice number and we would be happy to provide you a copy of your invoice. Note: for credit card orders, we will be happy to fax you a copy of the order as invoices are not created for credit card orders.

When will my credit card be billed?

Your credit card will be billed when your order is shipped. Your charges should appear on your next credit card statement.

Are you involved in third party billing?

No, You can purchase the item from and then submit our Invoice to your insurance company for reimbursement.

Do you provide reimbursement codes (HCPCS Codes)?

We do have some suggested Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS) code suggestions based on publicly available information as a convenience to our customers. We do not make claims, promises or guarantees as to the availability of reimbursement for any AliMed or distributed product. It is within the sole discretion of the customer to determine the appropriate billing code for a product, as well as, whether the use of a product complies with medical necessity and other documentation requirements of the payor. AliMed accepts no responsibility whatsoever in this regard.

Does AliMed offer any electronic ordering capabilities?

Yes, AliMed has partnerships with GHX - Global Healthcare Exchange and DSSI Supply Chain Network as well as other EDI alternatives. Click here to learn more about AliMed's electronic ordering options.