EDI Order Options

Increase Ordering Efficiency And Reduce Costs

DSSI Electronic Ordering

AliMed is an active DSSI Supply chain partner ready to work with you now! Since 1995, DSSI has been providing e-Business solutions to the extended healthcare industry, streamlining the purchasing process and reducing costs. Through our partnership with DSSI, you can take advantage of efficiencies and cost savings by integrating your AliMed purchases into the DSSI network. As a DSSI ready supplier, AliMed makes the ordering and billing of AliMed products easy and seamless through integration with your DSSI Marketplace:

  • Orders can be conveniently, accurately and automatically placed and billed through your DSSI marketplace
  • In stock items usually ship the same day if received before 3pm EST.
  • Reduce order processing costs and invoice discrepancies

Alternate EDI Methods

In addition, AliMed runs an integrated EDI system in-house with connections to EDI and Ecommerce solution providers in addition to DSSI. AliMed’s system supports direct FTP, VAN and AS2 protocols. We transact EDI 850 (purchase orders), 855 (purchase order confirmations), 810 (invoices), 846 (inventory), and 832 (catalog) in versions 4010 and above.

AliMed is also able to set up an interconnect with any VAN service via its VAN LENS. We can also receive CSV and XML file formats. Our experienced implementation team can coordinate with your provider to set up communications and complete testing.

Call 1-800-225-2610 extension 484 for details.